CQDE: A feminist manifestx of code-ing written by Alejandro T. Acierto and KT Duffy speculates on the nature of collaboration through queer-feminist frameworks within creative coding environments. Situated within ongoing conversations of care and accountability, this text draws from restorative justice models and intersectional feminist praxis to outline a new logic of care within techno-collaborative spaces. Acknowledging the nature of violence that often permeates relationships within creative coding contexts, educational environments, and the broader tech industry, this manifestx presents alternatives that establish new orientations of thinking, doing, making, and being. Offering a series of speculative toolsets for the implementation of techno-collaborative feminist praxis, CQDE calls into question the relationships between human and machine.

CQDE: A feminist manifestx of code-ing by alejandro t. acierto and KT Duffy between Chicago, Nashville, and Ann Arbor, 2019-2020. Designed by Vitalii Emelianov in Chicago IL and Pittsburgh PA,2020. Edited by D Rosen in Chicago IL, 2020. Printed via risograph by Clown Kisses Press in Richmond VA, 2020. Handbound by Jillian Gomez in San Antonio TX, 2020. Sybil Press 2020 and CQDELAB. Typefaces include Ivar Fine, Apfel Grotezk. Printed on paper Williamsburg offset 60# and Cougar 80#.

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